Bladecenter h advanced management module firmware

bladecenter h advanced management module firmware

bladecenter h advanced management module firmware

 · Corrected an issue where the Advanced Management Module (AMM) shows incorrect information about the external and internal port LEDs of 10Gb Passthru module for IBM BladeCenter. Fixed two issues when setting Network Time Protocol (NTP): fail to set NTP v3 key index to "65535" and saving 63 character NTP server host names.

Find the Management Module heading and select the link for the update, making sure you don’t select a link for an update version based on an operating system, since the update will be done prior to installing the operating system.; On the firmware update page, click on the link for the README text file and print a copy for use as a reference when actually performing the update.

BladeCenter HS23 erfordert die AMM-Firmwareversion (Advanced Management Module) der Firmware bpet62O oder höher.

Update the firmware for the advanced management module to ensure that it is operating with the latest level of code.. Download the latest level of firmware from the IBM support Web site. From the advanced management module Web interface, click MM Control → Firmware Update.; Select the location of the firmware file and click Update.

If a standby management module is installed in a BladeCenter unit that previously had only one management module, the firmware in the new management module is updated to the firmware version that is in the primary (already installed) management module. This update takes place when the standby management module is installed. It does not matter whether the new management module …

 · iv BladeCenter Advanced Management Module: Installation Guide. Safety Before installing this product, read the Safety Information. Antes de instalar este produto, leia as Informações de Segurança. Pred instalací tohoto produktu si prectete prírucku bezpecnostních instrukcí. Læs sikkerhedsforskrifterne, før du installerer dette produkt. Lees voordat u dit product installeert eerst de ...

Advanced Management Module now supports the IPv6 protocol. Added support for blade power-on policy upon chassis or Advanced Management Module restart. Added warning on Network Interfaces page informing users when the primary and standby Advanced Management Modules are being configured with the same static IPv4 address.

The advanced management module is a hot-swap BladeCenter module that you use to configure and manage all installed BladeCenter components. The advanced management module provides system-management functions and keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) multiplexing for all the blade servers in a BladeCenter chassis that support KVM. It controls a serial port for remote connection; the external keyboard, mouse, and video connections for use by a local console; and …

This Management Module User's Guide contains information about configuring the management module and managing components that are installed in an IBM® BladeCenter® unit. Information about configuring management modules other than the advanced management module is in a separate document. Although all types of management modules have similar functions, their physical …

 · Download the latest User's Guide for Advanced Management Module (AMM) and Management Module - IBM BladeCenter (.pdf file).

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